My name is Juli Hill. I’m an artist and designer who doesn’t like to be contained in any one box. I produce a variety of styles in my work; some days I’m feeling modern and minimalist, some days more eclectic, romantic, architectural or maybe even child-like. I am creatively driven by pattern, color and texture, finding extreme satisfaction walking the aisles of a paper store or browsing through the latest issue of any one of my many home interiors magazines.


j.hendley is a design studio producing custom, hand assembled stationery for every occasion. Every invitation or greeting card is designed and assembled one by one, by me. Each piece of paper passes through my hands before arriving at your door and I insist that it be perfect. j.hendley specializes in working closely with you to set your event apart no matter how big or small it may be. An intimate dinner with close friends or a colossal wedding with 500 guests, each deserves an announcement carrying it’s own style and flair and setting the tone for the event. That is what j.hendley is all about.


j.hendley is physically located in Fort Worth, Texas, but has created stationery for numerous events all over the country.

::WHEN & WHY::

I’ve been an artist and designer for over 20 years but didn’t really accept the titles until finally, my dear husband, my encouraging family and my supportive friends so lovingly convinced me that I was worthy. I designed my own wedding invitations in 2001 and have been obsessed with paper ever since. My background is in graphic design and my ideas pour in from various sources. I’m extremely influenced by interior design and architecture, as well as the sheer romanticism and excitement of weddings and all the surrounding activities. I love the challenge of creating the perfect stationery for an event based on the vision of a client.


The name j.hendley is a tribute to my paternal grandfather, my father and my brother, whose names all begin with J and share the middle name Hendley. All three are great men with sincerity, integrity, and a strong work ethic. This is the cornerstone of j.hendley.